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Since you’ve stumbled here, let us take a moment to introduce ourselves to you

Who we are:

The brains and fingers behind oscial.com are  Bobby Gill, and  Jordan Gurrieri. We want Oscial to be an informed blog where we can share our thoughts on current events, Nelson Mandela, technology, politics. favorite fruits,  and other insipid minutiae.  We call it oscialism, you can call it what you want.

We see the world through the rosey hue of a pair of amused cynics. We look to deliver to you informed, independent viewpoints with a more than healthy dose of wit, sarcasm and self-deprecation.

We hope you come away informed, entertained and wanting more. If you are insulted by something, don’t be; life’s too short to get all hot and bothered about what 2 idiots on the internet write.

If you want to turn your oscial dial to 100%, you can follow Bobby and Jordan on Twitter.

What we do:

During the day we run a mobile development lab called Blue Label Labs. We build mobile experiences for urban dwellers, and we like to think the spirit of Oscial is also present within each of our apps.

We just released our latest app, and our first for the iPhone app,  named ‘Bahndr‘.  I assure you, much like Oscial.com, its like no other app you’ve seen.  Download it here.