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What would you do for a Twitter follower?

What would you do for a Twitter follower?

Feb 29, 2012

People will do a lot for a Klondike bar, its something we’ve known for a long time. While the silver-wrapped ice cream sandwich has its place in our hearts, a more relevant question today is ‘what would you do for a Twitter follower’?

Twitter is more than a soapbox: we could always just open the window and yell our random thoughts out to the world.  Twitter’s appeal is below the surface, it’s knowing that your insipid thoughts have an audience, or as Twitter calls it: followers.

Followers are your tribe, and the size of your tribe is the crowd surrounding your soapbox.

When a celebrity (which on Twitter can be anyone from an actual movie star, to a midget with a 3ft dick, each of whom have 100,000+ followers) dangles the possibility of them becoming your follower in exchange for you clicking on their link or signing up on their website, its as if Pavlov’s bell had been heard throughout the Twitter verse. The instantaneous reaction by scores of people might have you think it was UN Water Truck day at the local refugee camp.

Twitter taken at face value is an enabler of communication and free thought, but it does so by targeting the narcissist in us. Narcissism drives so much of social media use: be it the little red notification flag, the ‘like’ button, and now the ‘follower’, the narcissist  loves to know others see them and less about mayorships, angered birds, and number of bubbles burst.

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