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What in the devil is a Bahndr?

What in the devil is a Bahndr?

Sep 22, 2012

You’re not alone if you’ve seen “Bahndr” appear on your Facebook or Twitter and wondered to yourself “say what?”

What is Bahndr? What does it mean? From whence did Bahndr come?

All perfectly good questions, Bahndr is the name of a free iPhone app we’ve recently finished and which is now freely available on the Apple iTunes Marketplace. (Go download it, now)

Before you ask “so what’s does your app do?” Bahndr does nothing of any practical utility. There are no daily deals, no mobile payments function and certainly no ability to see who is around you.

he Bahndrs, how about you?

Bahndr is a simple social game where people share photos and trade witty, sometimes sarcastic and often inappropriate captions on the funny captured with their iPhone cameras. Like the proverbial cream, the best content in Bahndr rises to the top. Every day, Bahndr users from across the globe come together in a app-wide vote to choose the best submission of the day, which is then published and permanently enshrined in the app.

From clever billboards to douchey vanity plates; from weird animals to awkward people on first dates; there’s no shortage of things that deserve to be laughed at. The world is a pretty funny place, Bahndr is where we make fun of it.

Bahndr is easy. The next time you are walking around and happen to see something that makes you chuckle, open up the Bahndr app, snap a picture, attach your witty observation, hashtag it and voila: you’ve just bahndred.

The more other people ‘like’ your bahndrs, the more coins you’ll earn. If one of your bahndrs wins the daily vote and is chosen to be published, you will even more coins! Your cup runneth over, we know. In Bahndr, no good deed goes unrewarded.

  • View recently bahndred hashtags along with the most liked photo & caption for each.
  • Tap a hashtag to see all photos and captions added to it by other Bahndr users.
  • Its simple to bahndr, all you need is a hashtag, photo and caption.
  • The more you bahndr, the more likes you get, the more coins you'll earn!
  • Track your profile stats and compare yourself to your friends with coin leaderboards.
  • Where will you rank amongst your friends?
  • You'll be notified whenever someone 'likes' your bahndr, or when other magical things happen.
  • Sit back and admire the awards you've won in Bahndr. The more coins you earn, the more awards you'll win.
  • Every day a vote is held in the app to choose the best submission from the past day to publish. It could be yours!
  • What other mysteries await you in Bahndr? Download the app, try it, and you'll find out.
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So if you take special pleasure in witty commentary on Twitter, then you’ll love Bahndr.  Don’t worry, Bahndr plugs right into your Facebook feed and Twitter timelines so the world won’t be deprived of your observations.

If you like to just watch, then you too will love Bahndr. Whether you are waiting for the bus, or taking an extended bathroom break at work, Bahndr is always full of fresh content that’s sure to get a guffaw and maybe even a chuckle.

And in the spirit of the Canadian health care system, Bahndr is absolutely free!

Read more about Bahndr here, or see what people have been Bahndring recently by visiting the Bahndr portal.

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