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We wrote a book!

We wrote a book!

Dec 4, 2012

If you’ve been a longtime Oscial reader, then you might have noticed a drop off in my frequency of posts recently. It’s not because I don’t love you, it’s just that I’ve been heads down writing a real book. Yes, a honest to goodness, non fiction book.

What’s it about?


Nelson Mandela & Desmond Tutu?

The viscosity of my favorite brand of syrup?

No, no and no. Our book is called “Appsters: A Beginner’s Guide to App Entrepreneurship”

Appsters: A Beginner's Guide to App Entrepreneurship

Follow along as we walk through the creation of a real-life app called "Dani's List"

As the more astute of you would have guessed, it’s a book designed to help people turn their ideas into apps. In case you don’t know me, my day is job is running Blue Label Labs, a mobile app development company based here in New York City. I spend a lot of time working with people looking to build an app, most of whom are non-technical folks who have a good business idea, but need help sorting through the technical maze of mobile apps.

That’s where this book comes in. It’s an end-to-end guide to help people launch a mobile app business. From idea all the way to app store, my co-author, Jordan Gurrieri and I, take you on a guided tour of the mobile app-verse. We’ve tried to condense all of what we’ve learned in the past 3 years building apps, along with tips and help from other app creators and put it down in a easy-to-read book meant for the non-technical person. If you’ve been following along on our blog Idea to Appster, then you will certainly like the book.

Along the way we touch on a whole bunch of subjects, from designing great user interfaces, to understanding the differences in mobile platforms, and marketing your app once it has been released.

If you have an app idea in your head and want to start down the road to making it reality, please check out my book. You can buy it at our website for $15.99 (or on Amazon.com for $18.99). The book is an e-book right now, and if you buy it through our web site you’ll get the Kindle version and a PDF version of it.


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