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Is everyone miserable in New York City?

Is everyone miserable in New York City?

Mar 14, 2012

We are all miserable, every one of us, be it those of us in caught in the hoards of New York City,  to those eating fried okra at the Cracker Barrel in Knoxville.

NYC, at first glance,  seems to only compound our misery with a daily routine that sometimes has us sitting in a smelly subway car, trapped behind  3 tourists walking abreast on an avenue, or waiting in a Trader Joe’s line that snakes completely around the store.  Its true, living here comes at a cost. But the bitter comes with the sweet, and that sweetness is a greater sense of freedom and peace than I ever felt living in Toronto, or Seattle. Here I am just another ripple in a sea of humanity, where I am constantly surrounded by people, but in a world that is just mine.

Its a place with an elixir for every ailment, where I can pursue a life completely of my choosing, and never feel outcast, alone or judged.  Its the world’s greatest choose-your-own-adventure novel, and instead of having to pick between n different outcomes, I can write my own.

So when I push past you on a subway platform, or jump into the taxi you thought was yours, its not because the city turned me into a miserable runt. Quite the opposite, its because I never gave a damn about you in the first place, and now I live without brooding behind politeness.

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