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I found love in dynamic typing

I found love in dynamic typing

Mar 1, 2012

I’d not known bliss until I dipped my toes in the waters of dynamically typed languages. You see, starting with JAVA/C++ at Waterloo, up through my C# career at Microsoft, I only knew static typing. The idea of not needing a rigid type hierarchy was as foreign as democracy to a North Korean.

Then I tried Objective-C: I walked across the DMZ, and straight into a South Korean McDonald’s.

Creating a generic data model in C# is a bitch. I was either elbow deep in auto-generated code, or writing convoluted type hierarchies, while battling incessant NullReference and InvalidCast exceptions.

With Objective-C (and Core Data), I created a generic data pump between a mobile client and a server without a Linnaean taxonomy and any type mismatch errors – the code just deals  with whatever it finds and never complains!


Dear C#:

You should’ve stopped whining. btw, you are out of milk.



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