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Why would someone eat at a restaurant in NYC with a B or C rating from the Health Dept.?

Why would someone eat at a restaurant in NYC with a B or C rating from the Health Dept.?

Nov 24, 2011

Like William Wallace, I follow my heart when choosing a restaurant to eat at, not the rating given to it by a faceless technocrat from the Department of Health. The Health Rating affixed to the window is but another sign on a window that I choose not to read. Personally, I could care less if a restaurant had on it ‘A’,'B’,'C’,'D’,'E’,'S’,or even the venerable ‘X’ rating.

I have two eyes,I have two ears, I have nostrils, I have a tongue, these are the senses I rely on when choosing a restaurant. The reasoning why a restaurant received a specific rating is dependent on the moment of time that the Inspector chose to drop in. Maybe the restaurant was having a bad day? Maybe the inspection was during a week that a small Rat chef choose to make his presence known in the kitchen by cooking traditional French dishes? Perhaps the Inspector slept on the couch the previous night because his Wife caught him pleasuring himself to old Sears catalogues? Perhaps the Inspector caught the Chef stirring the soup with a bodily appendage?

We are animals living in an world filled with them, and we cannot protect ourselves from every stray piece of fecal matter which may be floating in or around the places we eat. Sure, some might consider it a risk to eat a place in NYC with a C rating, but it is probably still miles ahead then eating street meat in Bangkok, or eating lettuce at a cafe in India. On vacation would you stop yourself eating at any of those places because they did not have Department of Health rating? Do not let a rating by a faceless inspector, with unknown motivations, conducted at some moment in the past deter you from eating what you want to eat and experiencing something new.

Trust your senses, trust the now, trust your own ability to make a sensible judgement without constraining yourself  to third-party opinions.


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