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Book: Scar Tissue

Book: Scar Tissue

Sep 20, 2011

Looking back, I should have seen the needles, heroin and stints in rehab coming at me from a mile away. Especially since the autobiographer is known to sport nothing but an athletic sock over his wiener on stage. No I am not talking about Roger Clinton, but rather Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Part memoir, part textbook on drug ingestion, through Scar Tissue”s 450 pages (or 6500 pushes of your Kindle button)  I lost count of the number of times Kiedis would go on a 3 month drug bender, resolve to get clean, go to rehab, emerge clean, resolve to stay clean and then sometime later find himself under a bridge (probably in downtown) shooting up.  The number of iterations in this loop are matched by the number of times Kiedis met a 17 year-old girl and immediately claimed “i knew i was in love”, “there was no other girl for me”, “she was my soul mate” or something equally melodramatic. It seems to me that Kiedis falls in love as often as I clean my tub. I know this might come as a total shock, but usually the 17-year old girlfriends turn out to be bigger dope fiends than Kiedis .

But all is not lost. The character who steals the book is Anthony”s father, who by the end of the book is known simply as “Blackie” (and you wonder why I like him). Blackie, who is very much white, lived in LA and was by all accounts an afro-sporting, gold-chain wearing P.I.M.P. At the age of 12, Kiedis moved to LA to live with Blackie and was very soon introduced to coke, weed and women courtesy of his father. In fact, Anthony lost his virginity to one of Blackie”s “girlfriends”, something that should have made great conversation on their next father-son fishing trip. Blackie slowly grows into a big-time coke dealer, only to get busted by the Feds, go to jail, and then finally transform into an thespian. It is only here where the story starts to gets weird; Blackie takes on the role of a transvestite, and in doing so goes all Christian Bale and adopts this character as his real life persona. Kiedis’ sees this transformation, calls his dad a ”fag”, gets slapped in the face, and then its stage-exit left for Blackie.

The shooting up cycle starts soon there after.

I liked it.

If you want to kindle it, find it at http://amzn.to/qP7c0X

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