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If New York City was Gotham City, what part of town would Bruce Wayne/Batman live in? Why?

If New York City was Gotham City, what part of town would Bruce Wayne/Batman live in? Why?

Oct 28, 2011

I will have to go with Midtown West, and in particular, the giant USPS building at 32th and 8th. Think about it, the guy needs to not only store all of his Bat gear, but he needs a place to park the Batmobile, land the Batplane, and not to mention shoot holes into bricks from 20 meters away with an automated gatling gun. Further, when he is not traipsing from rooftop to rooftop, Wayne needs the space to entertain the endless stream of sycophantic suckups who come to his house,drink his booze and eat his shrimp. Surely you cannot do all of this in a UES townhouse,or in some Gramercy apartment.

Also, in the city, he won’t be able to use the Batmobile at all times to catch bad guys (going cross town at rush hour? fat chance!). So he would also need to have access to the subway tubes. At 32nd and 8th, he’d have access to the transportation nexus of Times Square -> Port Authority. Not to mention the LIRR, if he ever wants to escape to the Hamptons for some R&R.

This all leads me to believe that the only choice is the USPS building. The thing is the size of a city block, and given that the USPS is about 3 tweets away from bankruptcy, Wayne could secretly commandeer the entire facility and turn it into one giant Batman Neverland. Not only that, he could also monitor the flow of mail, and intercept the millions of Victoria Secret catalogues and Capital One credit card applications that make up the bulk of USPS traffic. Doing so, he could not only build up quite the collection of free panties (very useful as Xmas gifts for all of the movie stars he dates), but also use multiple the Capital One cards to finance his Bat vacations, and the new Bat-yacht he wants to buy.

Finally, having spent 10 years in Asia learning how to think like a criminal, Wayne must have developed a taste for Thai cuisine. 9th Avenue from 35th all the way up to 50th street has more Thai restaurants than Sukhimvit Soi 11. What better way to kick back after a long day of beating the pulp out of people then with a Singha and some Beef Pad Thai?

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